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Here you can see a list of DCHUB(S) , and NMDC(S) Hub.

Set Your Language Preference

Public Hublist 2018 Choose Your List Country for your Client

Follow these instructions:

You can now choose one between a lot of big hubs directly in your client Go in pubblic hublist by clicking CTRL+P - From your Client - and set configure, then add this address: then click on add .. ok

With the Move Up Button Move my Hublist to the First Place

at the end click button Refresh

Copy Address of your Country

Address to be included Exclusively in your Client!!!!

US http://dchublist.biz/?do=hublist&get=hublist-us.xml.bz2 XML + BZ2 New Client
World http://dchublist.biz/?do=hublist&get=hublist.xml.bz2 XML + BZ2 New Client

Client DC++ RU & EN FlylinkDC++

Client Name Description Version Download: Count:
FlylinkDC++ Client DC++ FlylinkDC++ x64 Language EN RU UA FR PT BY ES Final 12,5 Mb download 85944
FlylinkDC++ Client DC++ FlylinkDC++ x86 x64 Language EN RU UA FR PT BY ES Final 11,8 Mb download 42856

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